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New methods and traditional craftwork

At first glance, these two concepts don’t seem to go together at all and yet in my workshop I combine tradition-steeped craftsmanship with more recent methods that have proved worthwhile through experience. Adaption and innovation, old values and new ideas – a blend that has stood the test of time in the art of making musical instruments, because it guarantees the high quality workmanship which will provide every instrument with that magical sound. No matter whether you need your instrument repaired, a new one built or are looking for a special custom-made design: Your ideas and requirements are first and foremost in my mind. It is my desire to make the time you spend with your instrument as pleasurable as possible.
Frank Dittrich Cello- & Kontrabassbau

The double bass is probably one of the most beautiful, but also one of the biggest instruments – consequently it is no wonder that now and then the bass may suffer some damage. To prevent this from resulting in a loss of sound quality or in permanent, visible flaws in its appearance, I will be happy to repair your double bass and also offer my continued assistance with advice and support for you and your individual wishes. In doing so, I always set great value upon the quality and the time it takes before you can have the instrument in your hands again, safe and sound.


If you need material for your bass or have some general requirements in the field of music, I can procure for you not only any item relating to string instruments, but also any kinds of accessories or other instruments. Take advantage of the professional advice I offer and allow yourself time to undertake a thorough cost/benefit comparison. I will also be glad to help you in your search for an old double bass or a good set of bows. As a musician, you certainly possess the necessary expertise and can therefore best judge for yourself as to whether the instrument and the bows harmonise perfectly or whether the bass you are interested in completely satisfies your sound standards. You can be sure that I fully understand this – so simply drop in any time, have a look around as you try out what I have to offer and sample the sound of the double bass in an undisturbed surrounding. You would like to sell your bass? Feel free to inquire, as I most likely have just the right contact for you.

Newly built instruments

In addition to the repair work, I also make new instruments from scratch in my workshop –reproductions as well as models of my own design. I will be pleased to provide guidance and support, from the initial consultations and some sketches and designs, to the careful selection of the wood and the way you visualize the finish. Even once the instrument is handed over to you, I continue to be available for you with help and advice whenever necessary. If you really want to invest in a high-class and exquisite, perhaps even eclectic instrument, our continuing conversations will result in your very own, unique double bass.

Specially designed instruments

You will need and want to accomplish a great deal with your instrument. To live up to these expectations, you may want to accommodate some special features and equip your double bass with alternative mechanisms. I am always open to new design ideas: Whether you are looking for an extension, a travel bass or have other notions and ideas, if you are in search of that “special something” for your bass, you have come to the right place and the right person.

„Tradition should be
a springboard
not a sofa..."

Harold Macmillan

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In contrast to many who can evoke a response from others by citing a hundred-year long family tradition, with great-grandfathers who already practised the same craft, I am quite at the outset – in the belief that one day I may become one of these great-grandfathers myself. I was the first in my family to discover the craft of violin making for myself and came to learn and love it. In Klingenthal in the Vogtland region in 2003, I started the education and training which taught me how to work with wood, a living, yet sometimes complicated material of enduring beauty. To be able to shape exactly this very fascinating material into a first-class instrument was not merely a dream of mine; it was my deeply personal ambition. After successfully finishing my training in 2006, I ended up in Lower Saxony, where I acquired a taste for the “big ones” and learned to work with double basses.

Later on came the opportunity for me to work in Munich, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, where I was able to gain a great deal of experience: again and again, I was confronted with new challenges and was in a position to work directly with professors and musicians at colleges and conservatories; all this enabled me to learn the value of deep understanding and taught me an appreciation of honesty and service. Trade fairs in Germany, Italy, China, Denmark and Russia quickly expanded my horizons. Particularly in the area of skilled crafts, I was able to learn a great deal – and also participate in the development of new techniques. Thus it came about that in 2012 I decided to embark on entrepreneurship. And I aim to undertake this not just anywhere, but in my native region, the Erzgebirge. Using tradition, which is already inherent in the craft itself, I will now set up my springboard into a career here.

„Speed, it seems to me,
provides the one genuinely
modern pleasure...“

Aldous Huxley

When it is a matter of building an instrument, speed is not a significant factor, even though any avid musician will only very reluctantly hand over an instrument to someone else. It is much more a question of art, the kind of art, that is, of crafting an instrument which is without equal when it comes to acoustic colour and craftsmanship, and then to be able to repeat this, over and over again. It is therefore a matter of course that the craftsman, by way of gradual but steady progression towards realising this goal, looks for and eventually finds more modern, more efficient avenues which will take him closer and closer to perfecting these skills.

These are paths I do not want to leave unexplored, because it is exactly in places where tradition may be withering a little that younger, new and innovative ideas are beginning to sprout. A great passion I have involves the optimisation of conventional and original methods and procedures and the perfection of all the steps required: It is a process that takes time and in our fast-moving times this is important, because it prevents us from forgetting about quality. Is there any superficiality? There is definitely none. Am I modern? Yes. Concerned with traditions? Yes, at the outset.

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